KHS Fall 2018 Field Trip
When: 5-7 October 2018
Where: The 2018 Annual Fall KHS Field Trip will be held the weekend of 5-7 October at Cedar Bluff State Park, Trego County. We will be in the Page Creek Area campground on the south shore.
More Info: KDWPT Cedar Bluff information. KHS herpetofaunal counts will officially take place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday (6 October 2018) and on Sunday morning (7 October 2018) from 9:00 am to noon. Individuals wishing to participate should meet at the KHS sign at Cedar Bluff State Park Page Creek Area on both dates at 9:00 am. More information available at KHS 2018 Fall Field Trip on Kansas Herpetology' Facebook Group
While most specimens observed and counted during the KHS field trip will be released, selected specimens also will be collected by individuals with current Kansas Scientific Collecting Permits and kept for deposition in research collections at accredited institutions, where they (and their tissues) will be available for research use by any museum or university investigators. Field trip participants wishing to assist in this research effort are encouraged to donate their specimens to those individuals qualified to receive them.
KHS Field Trips are open to anyone interested in learning more about the Kansas herpetofauna. Participants need not be members to participate, though they are certainly welcome to join. So feel free to bring your family, friends, and social groups to enjoy a truly unique area of Kansas.

Any questions about this KHS field trip should be directed to the KHS Field Trip Chairperson. Enquiries may be in the form of email or a telephone call.

KHS Field Trip Chairperson
Travis W. Taggart
Telephone 785-650-2445